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Rhetoric analysis of “The Problem of Evil and Some Varieties of Atheism”

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The article “The Problem of Evil and Some Varieties of Atheism” was written by William Leonard Rowe, a professor of philosophy of religion at Purdue University. The article was first published in the 1979 issue of the American Philosophical Quarterly journal and was later reprinted in the 1996 publication The Evidential Argument from Evil, edited by Daniel Howard-Snyder and published by Indiana University Press.

Written by Administrator on Monday November 19, 2018

Students in the Past and Now

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There is a saying that the only thing which is constant in this world is change. People, things, places, and even events can undergo minor or drastic changes over time. Thus, we cannot prevent ourselves from undergoing changes or reflecting on them. At the time I was a student, computers, cell phones, and some other modern gadgets did not exist or were not so widely spread in society. I also was a student at the time when people did not depend on these devices. It will be appropriate to notice that a lot of drastic changes have occurred since the time when computers and cell phones did not exist.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Romantic Couple?

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The courtship rituals have greatly evolved over time and what we treat as romantic in the present-day realms, was considered as scandalous and even criminal just a century ago. In the famous work by Moira Weigel, which is called A Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating, the author tells the incredible story of the romantic couple. Reading this book, the audience learns much more about the romantic ideas from the ancient times to nowadays. So, we offer you to learn a few fascinating things that you did not know before...

Written by Administrator on Tuesday June 5, 2018

Ethics in Action Research

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Action researchers need to learn well as act both politically and in an authentic manner following the relevant ethical standards and those of carrying out action research. Interaction is also a vital role in enhancing survival and effective political dynamics in action research. An individual carrying out action research should be able to associate and articulate the knowledge of political actions (Lipman-Blumen & Leavitt, 1999). In other words, there are relevant ethical issues that surround the practices of action research in an organization.

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Literature essay: Dead Soul

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Dead Soul is a book by Nikolai Gogol. The book addresses the situation in Russia in 1800 about the society and the noble people. This book is full of satire and it is so far the best book that Nikolai Gogol has ever written. Other people consider this book to be Russians prose poem. This paper will analyze the book Dead Soul. After analyzing the book, the paper will discuss an interesting about it while using direct quotes from the book.

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Literature Synthesis: Insider Action Research

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As defined earlier by Coghlan and Brannick (2010), action research refers to a participatory as well as a democratic process that is concerned with the development of practical knowledge towards the pursuit of effective human purposes. These practices should be based on a participatory overview of the world that action researchers perceive as emerging in the historical period.

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How to Write a Good Leadership Essay

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A good leadership essay must be incisive and appropriately balanced. Essays on leadership for students give them an opportunity to explore a particular leadership subject deeply alongside demonstrating their skills on a particular concept of leadership to their readers, be it the teachers or friends. After writing, the leadership essay conclusion is as important as convening the entire article’s ideas as well as students’ coherency in grammar and spelling. Nevertheless, by being such a broad area of coverage, a leadership essay gives not only a student but also the reader a wider scope for exploring more headship (Fred Garcia, 2012). The following article gives directions on how to write a good leadership essay

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